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Beauty Box 5 “Unboxing” Two

It’s that time again! Beauty Box 5 unboxing!!!

So for the January 2014 box, the theme is “Cheers to you”, basically Beauty Box 5 saying we’re going to help you stick to your beauty resolutions this month/year. They also teamed up with “That Awkward Moment” in this box and threw in a free goodie. Beauty Box 5 even did some right this month by adding some brown wormy confetti to my box, YAY. My first box looked rather sad without their signature worms. Anyways on to the unboxing.

Swissco Bath and Shower Exfoliating Gloves

Swissco – Bath and Shower Exfoliating Gloves

First thing I pulled out was the pair of gloves, tugged away at the bottom. I honestly thought it was a pair of winter gloves and hence was super excited about them until I felt the material and read the label. They were Exfoliating Gloves from Swissco that retail for $5, which I think is pretty cheap, if I’m not mistaken people pay way more for these gloves so yay for a steal. I’ve never used exfoliating gloves, not sure they’re necessary since I use a wash cloth but I will give these a try. Besides they’re my favorite color, purple!

H2O+ Spa- Sea Lotus Body Wash

H2O+ Spa- Sea Lotus Body Wash

And to go with those pretty exfoliating gloves, they included a new body wash brand to try! I’ve never heard of H2O plus spa but apparently it’s a unisex brand. A full size of this body wash retails for $17, which is pretty damn pricey. This gel is probably the clearest body wash gel I’ve ever seen and it smells very refreshing, like that’s the scent. It is made with red algae, aloe extract, and Vitamin E. And is supposed to not only clean but restore moisture to your skin. I’ll give it a try and see if its worth the hype. 

Jergens Daily Moisture- Dry Skin

Jergens Daily Moisture- Dry Skin

For after I’m done bathing with my new exfoliating gloves and body wash, the next natural thing to do is to moisturize. This inclusion of Jergens lotion slightly puzzles me as I can go down the street to the supermarket, drugstore, walmart, costco; okay you get the idea and pick this lotion up. I’m disappointed that they didn’t include a not so well known brand for me to try. However, this cream is for dry skin so it’s perfect for winter. This lotion has silk proteins and citrus extracts but really to me, it smells like aloe. It is of a thin, watery consistency and boasts to provide 24 hour hydration.

Nubar Cuticle and Nail Oil

Nubar- Cuticle and Nail Oil

Now that your skin is moisturized, why not take care of your cuticles and nails? I’m assuming that’s what went through the mind of the Beauty Box 5 Editor when she made this month’s box. The Nubar cuticle and nail oil is a Jojoba oil elixir and comes in candy colors according to the description card. I’ve never used a cuticle/nail oil nor am I really a fan of the smell but I might try it. The oil retails for $10.

Epic Blend- Hemp Coconut Lip Balm

Epic Blend- Hemp Coconut Lip Balm

And of course, a lip balm. This one is from Epic Blend, it looks like it’s a vegan brand. According to the description, the balm is organic, gluten and petroleum free, non-GMO (whatever that means) and not tested on animals. It smells like fresh coconut oil so I might use it. Can’t really go wrong there.

For the extra, there was a promotion for the upcoming move, “That Awkward Moment” which I’m still not really sure what the movie is about since the trailer keeps changing every time they air the commercial. I received a mirror and blurb from the makeup department for the movie.


All in all I would say that  I’m very pleased with this month’s box, I actually am going to use everything. So that makes me a happy customer this month.



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