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Product Review

Product Review- Aveda, All-Sensitive Moisturizer

Aveda- all sensitive moisturizer

Aveda- all sensitive moisturizer

I came across this company on Halloween 2013 roaming the upper level of the Pent-City Mall. What impressed me about this company was the experience in the store. When I walked in, someone greeted me, offered to show me the various skin care lines Aveda offered and offered me tea and a seat. After taking a seat, I went through a consultation with one of the beauty experts there on my skin type and needs. Which is pretty genius and one of the most helpful experiences I’ve ever had in a skincare store.

After we learned that my skin is combination with a little sensitivity, the expert preceded to tell me about the “All Sensitive” line, after which she used the products on my hands to show me how my skin would feel after using the entire line and with the products I was interested in from the line. I even received a hand massage. As stated, pretty genius marketing technique. Before I went into the store, I was interested in them because they were all natural, I stayed because I got a VIP treatment, I bought the product I really needed at the time, which was the moisturizer. I left feeling like I had found “the one”. I even got a list of Aveda salons in the area and got signed up for emails; I felt like I hit the jackpot, you definitely couldn’t tell me I wasn’t winning.

Boy couldn’t I have been more wrong about anything in my life. Let me first start off by saying that I think this product is not bad, it’s just not for me. What I loved about this moisturizer was that it looked like a cream but it felt more like soft, liquid? It’s hard to describe but it felt like water but creamy and not greasy. This moisturizer did not work for me because it was light weight so by the end of the day, my skin was struggling to stay hydrated and my forehead became oily. This moisturizer also had the funkiest smell in the world, all the mixtures of plant in this product just did not fare well in the smell department at all. And on top of that, I broke out, again probably had to do with the all of the plant and oil extracts in this product.

All- Sensitive Moisturizer Ingredients

All- Sensitive Moisturizer Ingredients

The expert did also warn me that the moisturizer would not work as well if it wasn’t used with the line products since they’re all plant, flower and oil extracts which apparently don’t go well with products lacking those ingredients. That’s either a commentary on Aveda’s marketing technique or on whether or not their products are great as they can possibly be. I’ll let you decide that one, but for me, this was my first and last product from Aveda.



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