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Three Practical Ways to Obtain/Maintain Blemish-free Complexion

Winter is here! and boy IS IT! And with comfort eating, junk food eating, lots and lots of hot chocolate (and marshmallows), harsh winds, frigid temperatures, dry air from heating systems; all of which are reek havoc on your skin. So what do you do? You use masks and scrubs, which are great maintenance tools, … Continue reading

Love your Microbead Face Scrub? Think Again! Part 3

Update on Bill H.R. 1321: * On December 18th, 2015, the Senate passed approval of this bill; it’s official in 2017, plastic microbeads found in personal care products will be phased. Our waters and seafood will be safe from these dangerous chemicals. * On December 28th, 2015, President Obama signed this bill and it officially became the … Continue reading

Love your Microbead Face Scrub? Think Again! Part 2

Did you know  that ONE product that contains microbeads also known as  the ingredients polyethylene and polypropylene contains at much as 350,000 tiny plastic microbeads; O N E. Last year, I wrote a post about the dangers of microbeads that are found in popular face and hand products. In it, I stated that the 1mm microbeads do … Continue reading

Product Review: Studio 35 Beauty, Peel off Mask

It’s that time of the year where the weather goes all wacky and can’t figure out what it’s trying to be, one time it’s summer, the next it’s fall, the next it’s winter then it’s fall again. But I’m told it’s Autumn and that’s how all things fall down. Along with trying to figure out … Continue reading

How to Rescue Dehydrated Skin while Travelling

It’s FINALLY SUMMER!! and with it comes all the the summertime goodness! Schools are closed, work is slowing and it’s the official season of vacation and study abroad! That means lots of time in cars, buses, trains, boats and planes. Travel can be harsh on the skin; you’re staying up late packing, if you’re a … Continue reading

Face Mask Marathon: Karuna Cloth Masks

While browsing in Sephora, I came across the Karuna masks, not having heard of it before or really doing any research, I decided to grab a few of masks solely because I was intrigued that they weren’t paper masks but cloth. I wasn’t sure if that meant real cloth or something similar but I wanted to … Continue reading

Eye Cream, Do you NEED it?

As someone in my late 20s and of the darker complexion, the topic of eye cream seems very mundane at best. I mean “black don’t crack” right? But then I got to thinking, why does eye cream even exist in the first place? To do put it simply, the difference between an eye cream and … Continue reading

How to Win the Battle against Winter Skin Issues

Hello Lovelies. It’s that time of the year again, yes, Winter is upon us and ever since the season started it’s been nothing but bitter cold winds and temps and even some snow. And along with it, your skin has probably started flaking and just won’t stay hydrated. As someone with combination skin, I find … Continue reading

Black Soap, Is it Good for You?

You’ve probably seen the make-shift stands in your mall of vendors selling chunks of black soap for cheap proclaiming the many wonders of this “miracle” skin care product. It purges your skin, it clears acne, it maintains healthy, clear skin; it fades skin discoloration, it’s an exfoliant, it prevents razor bumps, it’s soothing on dry and irritated … Continue reading


I received this month’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box last Saturday, which is a little late for a subscription box to arrive. However, when I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised because my box was over flowing the worms, the last box lacked and it also had an info sheet on the products with some … Continue reading

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