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Beauty Box 5 “Unboxing” Three

Time for another “Unboxing” lovely people. In this month’s box, I’m not sure if there was a theme, I mean February is such an easy one, there’s Valentine’s Day, it’s Black History month, it’s basically winter wonderland season, as well as flu season. There was an invitation for Beauty Box 5’s birthday so maybe it’s … Continue reading

Misadventures in Moisturizer Hunting…Product Reviews

Since I’ve begun this Mission, it has been literally like mission impossible trying to find a good moisturizer for my skin. Maybe I should change that to a good cream moisturizer, I don’t know maybe my combination skin just can’t do it anymore. Like is it seriously THIS hard to find something that is going … Continue reading

People ACTUALLY Cleanse their Faces with Oils???

I know you’ve seen them, the latest in skincare cleansing- Cleansing oils, and have probably been too scared to try them. Because well, they’re oils, maybe you’ve been brave enough to try oil as a moisturizer and love the results but that’s as adventurous you’re going to get when it comes to oils and your … Continue reading

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