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Beauty Box 5 “Unboxing”

Hello Guys, This is my first “Unboxing” post and I’m excited to share it with you guys. My friend, M who happened to read my mind on what I wanted for my birthday, generously gifted me with a Beauty Box 5 subscription! Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription for cosmetics, each month members receive … Continue reading

Toners, Toners, Toners… are they necessary?

I have a confession to make; Until a month ago I have never used a toner nor knew what it was. Since I went through 13 years since hitting puberty without using a toner, I honestly didn’t see the need for them. Now that I’m using one, I’m still debating whether or not I need … Continue reading

Product Review: Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser

I got this cleanser for three reasons, 1) my cousin, AP raves about Aveeno, 2) it had soybean extract and 3) it foamed. The packaging is nice, the bottle is not heavy and the pump makes it easy to get the product onto wet face. However, my pump sometimes gets stuck if I push too … Continue reading

Product Review- Freeman “Feeling Beautiful” masks part two

As previously mentioned, I am a huge fan of this line. Not only is it affordable and accessible but the products are high quality and mostly natural. You really can’t beat that. During the winter time my skin tends to be more on the dry side, especially since I commute to work so I’m out … Continue reading

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