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Three Practical Ways to Obtain/Maintain Blemish-free Complexion

Winter is here! and boy IS IT! And with comfort eating, junk food eating, lots and lots of hot chocolate (and marshmallows), harsh winds, frigid temperatures, dry air from heating systems; all of which are reek havoc on your skin. So what do you do? You use masks and scrubs, which are great maintenance tools, … Continue reading

Love your Microbead Face Scrub? Think Again! Part 3

Update on Bill H.R. 1321: * On December 18th, 2015,┬áthe Senate passed approval of this bill; it’s official in 2017, plastic microbeads found in personal care products will be phased. Our waters and seafood will be safe from these dangerous chemicals. * On December 28th, 2015,┬áPresident Obama signed this bill and it officially became the … Continue reading

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