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Product Review: Studio 35 Beauty, Peel off Mask

It’s that time of the year where the weather goes all wacky and can’t figure out what it’s trying to be, one time it’s summer, the next it’s fall, the next it’s winter then it’s fall again. But I’m told it’s Autumn and that’s how all things fall down.

Along with trying to figure out what to wear for the two seasons in one day weather, your skin decides it’s gonna go crazy too cause why not? So now you have skin that’s a little dried out, a little oil and a little blemishy and what do you do? Freak out. Just kidding, you accept your skin’s fate and then you make plans and then you freak out.

So what do you do? Test peel off masks of course cause they’re tiny blemishes and a little flaky skin and you don’t need anything too intense.


Studio 35 Beauty- Peel Off Mask

To be honest, I got this mask on a whim, never heard of the company and decided to give it a try. It looks like this 20150419_162946brand is only offered in Walgreens, the travel size of .35 oz costs $1.99 and the full size of 6 fl oz is $3.99. The packaging is pretty simple and sleek; it was a little hard to open which I guess it a good thing because it will keep the product from escaping from the packet during travel.

The product is of a thick, sticky, and clear consistency and of course smells like cucumbers but with a not so pleasant additive, like most cucumber based products. It was a little difficult to apply to the face and to be quite honest after seeing it and feeling the product I didn’t want to but I couldn’t let it go to waste. It really feels like a terrible knock off of Elmer’s glue. That’s some good glue and I won’t mind putting it on my face, it’s nice and smooth but this peel off mask was nightmare.

20150419_164117The mask did dry relevantly quick so that’s a plus, the smell faded, another plus, and it looks like tight skin, depending on who you are, this can also be  plus. This travel size package could probably give you at least two uses but I was so disgusted by the consistency that I dumped it after one use but I wasn’t sure if it won’t dry up.

Because it is a thick mask, peeling off was a little troubling and fun. This mask WILL pull 20150419_164355your hair out so if you do don’t want to accidently wax your eyebrows and hairline, avoid putting to close to the areas.

However, this mask did get rid of impurities and left my skin looking a little less dull. For a peel off mask it’s not too bad. If you want to try something new and can put up with the texture and smell, I say try it out. If you have sensitive skin, then you may want to avoid this mask as the peel off process might be a little irritating.

If this went head to head with the Freeman Beauty cucumber peel off mask , it would lose in all categories except for results, I give this one, a half of a star more.


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