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Beauty Secrets of the Motherland- Guyana, Part Two

Guyanese women are one of the most beautiful and luckiest women in the world when it comes to their skin. Whether they’re young, old or any race from the Guyanese mixing bowl, they have the same gorgeous, glowing skin. So what is these women’s secret to healthy, glowing, flawless skin? Well for the majority, the truth … Continue reading

Face Mask Marathon – Freeman Beauty Edition

It looks like Freeman Beauty has decided to expand the “Feeling Beautiful” line into the realm of paper masks, eye masks, sleeping masks and even a peel. Not surprising as these seem to be the latest skincare trend/fad. I know the paper masks were new around late summer/early fall and the peel, eye mask, sleeping … Continue reading

Beauty Box 5 “Unboxing” Four

Hello Guys! So I’m super excited to talk to you about this month’s Beauty Box 5 box. Mine came on Tuesday which is kinda early for them in comparison to the last two months, so yay. Also, I wish they would get rid of the tiny brown worms they put in it since there’s always … Continue reading

How to Maintain a Clear Complexion

Battling your skin and achieving clear skin is one thing, maintaining said clear skin is quite another thing. Here are some tips I’ve come to rely on to maintain the process my skin has made so far in the war against acne and blemishes. Wash your face regularly. (duh!) Remove makeup before bed- a) makeup … Continue reading

Beauty Secrets of the Motherland- Guyana, An Introduction

Hello Beautiful People, I wanted to discuss this topic but I realized that this post is going to be SUPER DUPER long so I decided to split it up in three parts.  I may sound a little bias saying this but Guyanese women have the most beautiful and most clear skin I’ve ever seen (of … Continue reading

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