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Breakdown in 1, 2, 3…

October 22nd… I was in the bathroom after work, looking at my shiny, blotchy, tired, blemished face and lost it. I’ve had enough, at the ripe age of 25 years old, my skin had a right to not be hurt by harsh chemicals, a right to breathe, and most importantly, it had a right to … Continue reading

others join in; youtube obsession

So at this point, it’s been about a month and two weeks… and my coworker hands me a wall street journal article from that day on face cleansing. How crazy is that right? To read the article, “The Real Dirt on Face Washing” click the following (sorry I don’t know how to make links pretty) … Continue reading

Experiment Begins…

That weekend I took a long look at my face products, at the time I was using: the Mask of Magnanimity from lush as my daily cleanser, Noxzema Triple clean pads to tackle all those lovely breakouts/blemishes on my face and to take off all the dirt and oil off my face. Cause really dirt … Continue reading

Eureka Moment?

September 9th, 2013; in the car with my mother on the way to work, she looks over me and looks at my face which has horrible breakouts on my cheeks, scar marks all over both cheeks, skin is super shiny and oily. And she says, “you used to have such beautiful skin then you started … Continue reading

The Mission

Backstory: I’ve always had pretty normal skin as long as I could remember even in high school, I never got any breakouts and my skin was very low maintenance. The only thing I ever did to my skin was wash it in the morning with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and moisturize with the Cetaphil moisturizing cream … Continue reading

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