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It’s winter time and with it comes one of my biggest pet peeves, chapped lips! ick. This winter has definitely been a bone chilling cold one with two weeks of polar vortex weather, gusty winds from hell, snow and ice storms galore and now there is an arctic front that is supposed to hit us … Continue reading

What Makes a Great Moisturizer

The most important step in a skincare routine outside of cleansing of course, is moisturizing. I believe a great moisturizer is the key to clear, amazing, glowing skin. As someone who has always used Cetaphil on my body and face, I’ve never really had to worry about hunting for the great moisturizer, because I already … Continue reading

Beauty Box 5 “Unboxing” Two

It’s that time again! Beauty Box 5 unboxing!!! So for the January 2014 box, the theme is “Cheers to you”, basically Beauty Box 5 saying we’re going to help you stick to your beauty resolutions this month/year. They also teamed up with “That Awkward Moment” in this box and threw in a free goodie.┬áBeauty Box … Continue reading

Product Review- Aveda, All-Sensitive Moisturizer

I came across this company on Halloween 2013 roaming the upper level of the Pent-City Mall. What impressed me about this company was the experience in the store. When I walked in, someone greeted me, offered to show me the various skin care lines Aveda offered and offered me tea and a seat. After taking … Continue reading

Product Review: Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

There is no doubt that you’ve heard about Argan oil and the Josie Maran brand. I first heard about this product on Youtube, all the beauty gurus seem to be using and raving about this product. I became interested in using this product after my 9th moisturizer since this quest started failed (and no I’m … Continue reading

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