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Three Practical Ways to Obtain/Maintain Blemish-free Complexion

Winter is here! and boy IS IT!

And with comfort eating, junk food eating, lots and lots of hot chocolate (and marshmallows), harsh winds, frigid temperatures, dry air from heating systems; all of which are reek havoc on your skin. So what do you do? You use masks and scrubs, which are great maintenance tools, huge fan. You can eat healthy but let’s be real, it’s practically February and that resolution is pretty much out the door. Which to honest, we should try to eat healthy as often as possible but realistically speaking, we’re still gonna get that junk food and soda into the mix.

The problem with winter is that it LITERALLY sucks the moisture out of your skin, you have the dry air from the heater, you have the wind beating on your skin, the cold just ripping it a new one and all the crap food doing what crap food does best to skin. It’s madness!

So the practical thing is to give your skin some good long-term, tender, loving, care by targeting the source; no you can’t banish winter, unless of course you moved to a tropical place then I suppose you can. That source is moisture, water! The average male body is about 60% of water while the average female body is about 55% of water (cause more fatty tissue, talk about unfair!). Either way you look at it, that’s more than half, water is literally life, we need to replenish it.

Three Practical Ways in Which to Incorporate Water Back into our Skin:

  • This going to sound obvious but drink water! I know that’s easier said than done. I know some people do not like the taste of water and some find it hard. If you don’t like the taste, try out those flavor packs or squeeze some lemon into your water. Drinking an average bottle of water is 2016-01-31 08.46.13about 16 ounces which two cups of water, not so hard right? My problem is that in the winter, I don’t drink as much water as I do in the summer, so to encourage myself do so, I put my water into a 24 ounce bottle. This works for me because my mind is trained to drink at least a bottle of water a day, and to refill my bottle when I leave work to begin my commute home. By doing this, I drink about 32-40 ounces of water as I don’t pay attention to the marks until I refill. Water is great because it flushes out all of the toxins and water out of your body. It’s nature’s detoxer. No need for those god-awful detox smoothies.
  • Put moisture back into the air! Invest in a humidifier, it doesn’t need to be fancy, or expensive. They make humidifiers for every budget and 2016-01-31 08.36.27-1personal style, just do the research, it’s worth it. They’re great for combatting dryness in the air and dry skin. I suffer from asthma and that is why I was gifted a humidifier. The main concern for me is dry air and heat, which can trigger an asthma attack, it was important to have something that kept the air nice and breathable for me. I noticed, that not only can I breathe clearly but my skin looks supple and refreshed in the morning and my blemishes over time are less and less and disappear with regular use. The one I use is PureGuardian Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier. This humidifier retails for 50 dollars, it’s light weight, quiet and has three stream settings and is easy to use and easy to clean.  A thing to note, you’re spraying water into the air and misting everything in the process, so make sure that you not only clean your humidifier regularly but clean, polish furniture and whatever else is in the room regularly. The last thing you want is respiratory problems especially if you suffer from asthma because of bacteria growth, dust mites, mildew, and mold.
  • Mist your face! It sounds silly but a spritz here and there can save your skin. Obviously the 2016-01-31 08.38.15most popular are those Evian mineral water mists that they sell for like 12-15 dollars (why??) or you can use a travel size bottle with a mist nozzle and put water in it, those cost .50 cents- 1 dollar and water is free. What I like to use (I will write a separate review on this product) is First Aid Beauty‘s Vitamin Hydrating Mist, retails for 16 dollars. I love this practical product because it hydrates my face, I can use it to set my makeup or give it a fresh look, or use it to prime my face. And it’s filled with ingredients that my combination skin needs and loves.

And just like that, this winter business is a little more bearable. Now you have no excuse to not give your skin the the tlc it needs.



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