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Product Review: Studio 35 Beauty, Peel off Mask

It’s that time of the year where the weather goes all wacky and can’t figure out what it’s trying to be, one time it’s summer, the next it’s fall, the next it’s winter then it’s fall again. But I’m told it’s Autumn and that’s how all things fall down. Along with trying to figure out … Continue reading

How to Rescue Dehydrated Skin while Travelling

It’s FINALLY SUMMER!! and with it comes all the the summertime goodness! Schools are closed, work is slowing and it’s the official season of vacation and study abroad! That means lots of time in cars, buses, trains, boats and planes. Travel can be harsh on the skin; you’re staying up late packing, if you’re a … Continue reading

Eye Cream, Do you NEED it?

As someone in my late 20s and of the darker complexion, the topic of eye cream seems very mundane at best. I mean “black don’t crack” right? But then I got to thinking, why does eye cream even exist in the first place? To do put it simply, the difference between an eye cream and … Continue reading

How to Win the Battle against Winter Skin Issues

Hello Lovelies. It’s that time of the year again, yes, Winter is upon us and ever since the season started it’s been nothing but bitter cold winds and temps and even some snow. And along with it, your skin has probably started flaking and just won’t stay hydrated. As someone with combination skin, I find … Continue reading

Love your microbead face scrub? Think again!

If you’re a lover of microbead face scrubs, you may want to reconsider. Last fall, the Chemical and Engineering News Magazine published an article stating the microplastic beads from face cleansers and scrubs that get washed down the drain by thousands of users are now starting to appear in Great Lakes. The fact that the … Continue reading

What I use to Combat Dark Spots

Never have I thought that this process would be so emotional and frustrating as it has been at times. My obsession with achieving the “perfect” skin I once had, has indeed gotten very terrifying at times. However, one thing that has given me the best results and hope for the future of my skin is … Continue reading

My Dysfunctional Relationship with Biore

Biore, holds a special place in my heart, it was my first facial mask, my first scrub, and my first acne intended face wash. I’ve raved about all the wonders of Biore and have passed it on to family members who now love Biore and the wonderful things it can do for the skin. Biore … Continue reading

How to Maintain a Clear Complexion

Battling your skin and achieving clear skin is one thing, maintaining said clear skin is quite another thing. Here are some tips I’ve come to rely on to maintain the process my skin has made so far in the war against acne and blemishes. Wash your face regularly. (duh!) Remove makeup before bed- a) makeup … Continue reading

Beauty Secrets of the Motherland- Guyana, An Introduction

Hello Beautiful People, I wanted to discuss this topic but I realized that this post is going to be SUPER DUPER long so I decided to split it up in three parts.  I may sound a little bias saying this but Guyanese women have the most beautiful and most clear skin I’ve ever seen (of … Continue reading

People ACTUALLY Cleanse their Faces with Oils???

I know you’ve seen them, the latest in skincare cleansing- Cleansing oils, and have probably been too scared to try them. Because well, they’re oils, maybe you’ve been brave enough to try oil as a moisturizer and love the results but that’s as adventurous you’re going to get when it comes to oils and your … Continue reading

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