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Hello Beautiful People, I’m here today with my new natural beauty subscription box! I wanted to try something different from “Beauty Box 5” so I signed up for a couple new boxes to see which one I liked and this one came first. So what exactly is Vegan Cuts (Beauty Box)? It’s basically a monthly subscription … Continue reading

Why Face Masks are a Beauty Must and How to choose yours.

I have a confession to make: I’m addicted to face masks and I hoard them. Eekk!!…. Sike! like that’s surprising. But here’s a real confession, I actually tried to break my addiction by trying an experiment where I went THREE WHOLE  months without using a face mask. Now they say it takes 21 days to break … Continue reading

How to Choose your next Face Scrub.

In a previous post,  I talked about the effect microbead scrubs have on the environment; I figured now would be a good time to share tips on how to find  a new face scrub if you do use mircobeads or just tips if you’re looking for a face scrub. The main purpose of a face … Continue reading

Love your microbead face scrub? Think again!

If you’re a lover of microbead face scrubs, you may want to reconsider. Last fall, the Chemical and Engineering News Magazine published an article stating the microplastic beads from face cleansers and scrubs that get washed down the drain by thousands of users are now starting to appear in Great Lakes. The fact that the … Continue reading

Beauty Secrets of the Motherland- Guyana, Part Three

This is the third and final installment to Beauty Secrets of the Motherland, in this post I will cover the minority of women in Guyana who experience skin issues and what they use to combat them. The remedies I am about to describe might surprise some as it is not what one would expect. In the … Continue reading

Beauty Box 5 “Unboxing” Six

Time for another Beauty Box 5 “unboxing” post. This month, my box arrived later than usual and I had a lot of hassle with BB5 and their emails telling me that there is a problem with my account because my gift subscription is up this month. Nevertheless, I got my box on Wednesday and was … Continue reading

Product Review: Tsubaki Beauty Oil

In my quest for a great moisturizer that is full of good ingredients and does a great job of moisturizing my skin, I’ve stumbled upon Boscia’s Tsubaski Beauty Oil. In all honesty, I only tried it because it came in the gift set I got myself for Christmas.  According to the product description, it is … Continue reading

What I use to Combat Dark Spots

Never have I thought that this process would be so emotional and frustrating as it has been at times. My obsession with achieving the “perfect” skin I once had, has indeed gotten very terrifying at times. However, one thing that has given me the best results and hope for the future of my skin is … Continue reading

My Dysfunctional Relationship with Biore

Biore, holds a special place in my heart, it was my first facial mask, my first scrub, and my first acne intended face wash. I’ve raved about all the wonders of Biore and have passed it on to family members who now love Biore and the wonderful things it can do for the skin. Biore … Continue reading

Beauty Box 5 “Unboxing” Five

Happy Glorious Spring Morning Lovely People!!! It’s time for another Beauty Box 5 Unboxing! This month, my box came early again (not complaining) AND the little worms weren’t pathetic looking, it was actually filled with them, I was so excited that the pictures of the products were taken in the box this month because you know, … Continue reading

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