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Face Mask Marathon: Karuna Cloth Masks

While browsing in Sephora, I came across the Karuna masks, not having heard of it before or really doing any research, I decided to grab a few of masks solely because I was intrigued that they weren’t paper masks but cloth. I wasn’t sure if that meant real cloth or something similar but I wanted to give them a try. The description states that it is a “sheet mask made out of wood-pulp fiber”, which is what I think they should have advertised on the label as these masks are definitely not as thick as cloth but are sturdy that the typical paper mask that is on the market.

Each mask costs $8.00 if you decide to buy them individually in the store or you can order them online on the Sephora‘s website in a set of four for the cost of $28.00, which basically saves you $.50; so maybe not much a deal there. Whether you buy it individually or in bulk, each of the masks are .95 oz.

The brand currently carries nine different masks and one eye mask. One should also note the way that these masks are packaged, each individual one comes in a cardboard envelope, which when opened reveals a think plastic, sealed envelope that contains the mask. Each mask is extremely saturated with the serum, so much so that there is often a lot of left over serum in the envelope after use.

To apply, the instructions are the same as any other paper mask; unfold and place on face, aligning with the cut-outs, smoothen, then remove the back; let sit for 10-20 minutes, press the remaining serum into the skin then remove. And most importantly, do not wash your face.  I find that the cut out of the eyes, nose, and lips are hit or miss, sometimes they’re almost perfect, sometimes they miss the mark completely. I also find that after the 20 minutes are up, there is still an extreme amount of serum left in the mask, which leaves the face extremely wet and leaves you in the awkward stage of contemplating whether or not to wet a little off to apply your moisturizer or to wait to see if it dries or to just add the moisturizer immediately and let them dry together. Which whatever, you decide, your face will be a little sticky.

Karuna Clarifying Mask:

not really pleased with the application

not really pleased with the application

This mask is targeted toward acne and problem skin; I bought this mask because it contains ingredients that prevent breakouts and provides hydration. I didn’t like the overpowering citrus smell of this mask, honestly I almost threw it. The application was extremely difficult and messy because it was dripping wet, and the cut-outs were off; once I got the mask, it felt nice and cool on my skin. I waited 20 minutes and removed the mask, I didn’t see much a different in my skin, let the extra serum dry partially then applied my moisturizer and went to bed. The next morning, I had an under the skin pimple and my skin was dry, which made me realize that maybe a clarifying mask shouldn’t be a serum. I have combination skin, so this was a bad move on my part, the only person who would probably benefit from this mask is an oily skin type.


inner protective sleeve

inner protective sleeve


cardboard package

cardboard package













Karuna Anti-Oxidant Mask:

I tried this mask when the weather when the winds were especially brutally cold and mercy less as I wanted to give 20150222_180451my skin an extra boost against the elements. The ingredients in this mask helps to calm and repair damaged skin. This mask did not have much of a smell which I was thankful, the application was much better than the previous mask but once again there were was a lot of serum left over, I think I managed to accidentally rip this mask a little by the cut-out even though it was thicker than paper. So these masks are not immune to rippage while trying to figure out how to align with face. Once again, I waited 20 minutes, removed, did wipe a little off after it didn’t absorb the remainder in two minutes and applied my moisturizer. I found that my skin looked better in the morning and for the next two days, my skin retained that look. This mask is recommended for all skin types and I would have to agree.















Karuna Hydrating Mask:

20150419_165655This mask did not have a smell, the application process was a little difficult and there was a lot of serum left over. I waited for 20 minutes to remove the mask, after which my skin immediately looked less dully and more radiant. I didn’t have any break outs the next morning and my skin remained hydrated and radiant for about three days. Would recommend this mask to those with dry skin, normal skin and combination skin type.
















Overall, Karuna cloth masks are worth the try as there is a good amount of serum in every mask and they do provide results.





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