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How to Win the Battle against Winter Skin Issues

Hello Lovelies.

It’s that time of the year again, yes, Winter is upon us and ever since the season started it’s been nothing but bitter cold winds and temps and even some snow. And along with it, your skin has probably started flaking and just won’t stay hydrated.

As someone with combination skin, I find this time of the year especially trying for my fickle skin as my poor cheeks tend to get super dry thanks to the shock of the harsh winter elements. And while I’ve found a sort of solace in using oils on my face (mostly Argan), I still find that it’s not enough especially since my nose section has joined the “I’m suddenly dry revolution” in the war of taming my skin.

So as any logical person would do, I naturally did my research and got new products and presto!

HA! that’s what a logical person DOES, that’s what I teach on this blog but this particular time I did not follow my own advice. Instead I was in Sephora and in the skincare section and came across the First Aid Beauty, which honestly I’ve been curious about, I’ve heard good things about this line, I just never got around to doing research on it because last year Sephora thought it was wise to take this entire line out of the store and keep it only online and in the JcPenney stores, guess they learned the error of their ways. I personally don’t like to order skincare and makeup items online, so that’s my excuse. Anyways, back to the story.

I came across the First Aid Beauty section and I started reading the labels of the cream, because initially I was going to get my coworker the cream (which I did) for her skin issues and I decided to get one for myself also. And then I saw the cleanser and I thought, well I do love my Aveeno, it keeps my skin balance and mostly clear but I wanted to try something new and see what would happen. I also chose this line because the products are made for the dry skin issues and are oatmeal based and since my Aveeno is also oatmeal based and gave such beautiful results, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with brand.  This brand is also made without parabens, sulfates, and phthaltes and we all know how I feel about my stuff not having these ingredients in them. So that’s another plus.

Facial Cleanser:

20150118_063524This cleanser is of a thick, whitish, clearish, marshmellowy consistency and feels velvety smooth on the skin. It is surprisingly great at removing makeup and it is a great cleanser, I was worried it won’t do a good job of removing the dirt from my skin because it is a gentle formula but it does an amazing job. There is no scent to this product which is awesome.

One thing I do not like about this product is the container, which is a squeeze tube. I feel like it works against me in that no matter how hard I try, I always squeeze out more than I intend. And because of this, if I don’t do a great job of washing all the cleanser off my face and I don’t apply moisturizer immediately, my skin turns into a dry skin, horror, freak show.

That being said, this cleanser does a great job of keeping my skin in check and the botanical anti-oxidant that is in this product, which I’m pretty sure is the culprit for the dry, horror show when used liberally, IS great at doing what it claims, which is block damaging free radicals. And in Winter, I need all the help I can get in combating the elements and environment.

This product retails for $5.50-$26, depending on the size you purchase; mine cost $20.

Ultra Repair Cream:

20150118_063613The story behind this purchase is that I love creams, they’re heavier and they absorb better than any oil out there. However, when I purchased the Ultra Repair Cream, they were out of the face moisturizer and the label did SAY that it was safe for the skin. And for this reason, I still use this product on my face, almost daily. At some point I SHOULD get the face moisturizer as this cream seems to be for intense dry skin issues, which I did have at the time of this purchase, a month ago. Just felt like I needed to put that disclaimer out there.

That being said, this cream, saved my skin. I know that sounds very dramatic but it really did. This cream does an excellent job of hydrating my dry, irritated checks and it helps maintain the moisture in the oily areas without making it oily or clammy or gross. Which is pretty hard for a hydrating cream to do, so props to First Aid Beauty for that achievement. It also cleared my cheeks up and has maintained it. In the Fall, Winter, and Spring I tend to wear foundation more often and with it, blush; which my dry skin issues make it hard to do cause all the blush does is highlight them. But the other day I my foundation on, looked in the mirror, and realized I could wear my blush and not have it highlight my skin issues; best moment of that day. I ended up not wearing any cause I was really digging how smooth my skin looked cause damn this cream; Ah-AMAZZZZING!

It’s a white, smooth consistency, absorbs immediately into the skin, has no smell. And what’s cool about this cream is that it’s also great for whatever skin issues you’re having like eczema and it’s great at  protecting your skin against the elements. Like that nasty, bitter wind can slap you all it wants in your face and your skin will still be hydrated. And that’s all one can ask for this winter season, cause damn.

This cream retails for $6.50-$39, depending on what size you purchase; mine cost $12.


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, YES, I would absolutely recommend these products for combination, dry, and sensitive skin types. I think the cleanser and the cream make a great team. I would definitely recommend the cream for every skin type.

I will try more products from line, and of course check out the face moisturizer and let you guys know what I think.


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