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Black Soap, Is it Good for You?

You’ve probably seen the make-shift stands in your mall of vendors selling chunks of black soap for cheap proclaiming the many wonders of this “miracle” skin care product. It purges your skin, it clears acne, it maintains healthy, clear skin; it fades skin discoloration, it’s an exfoliant, it prevents razor bumps, it’s soothing on dry and irritated skin; it’s all natural and the list goes on. And you’ve probably gone “wow I should try this” but were probably intimidated by the color and instead walked away .

For those wondering: Black Soap is composed of plantain skin and leaves, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, shea butter, palm oil, palm kernel oil, and coconut oil (varies by companies). These ingredients are antibacterial, help maintain your skin’s natural barrier, help fight free radicals, contain antioxidants, vitamin E and A which help to strengthen and repair the skin, moisturizes, lock in moisture, fight signs of aging, stimulate new skin cell growth. They are great for skin conditions such as acne, rashes, eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. And best of all you get a lot of product for as low as $10 and it’s natural.

Black Soap inside it's plastic packaging

Black Soap inside it’s plastic packaging

How do you use the soap: You can either use the soap in it’s solid form by breaking off a tiny piece, lathering it up in your hands and cleansing your skin using your hands. You do not want to use a flannel, wash cloth, sponge or brush as it’s already a natural exfoliant. Or you can turn it into a liquid face wash to lessen the abrasiveness of the soap and to dilute it as it is a powerful cleanser.

In Action: This soap has a “natural smell”, it can be very drying if  you use too much or use it with other face scrubs, or use a face mask before or after. On days that  you want to use a mask, I would suggest using another cleanser regardless of skin type. With my combination skin this soap was too powerful for my skin, this soap purged my skin for almost a month and a half, it dried my skin out terribly; by week three I realized I had to use this soap with a sulfate free cleanser so my skin can retain it’s natural balance. On days that I used a mask, my skin hated me and kept over producing oils to fix the level of dryness this soap caused my skin to achieve.Whatever you do, donot use this soap more than once a day, I found that my skin reacted a little better if I washed my face at night with this soap and used a heavy moisturizer. Whereas in the day, the stress from life and work and commuting and the weather definitely helped the drying and over production of oil in my skin whenever I washed with soap.

Black Soap after daily use.

Black Soap after daily use.

My Suggestions:

  1. See if the soap you’re getting has a good amount of shea butter in it, the one I bought didn’t and my poor skin suffered.
  2.  If you have dry skin or combination skin, I would be very careful when using this soap, pinch off tiny pieces to cleanse and follow up with a sulfate free cleanser or a moisturizing cleanser.
  3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize after cleansing. You may want to use an oil or a thick moisturize depending on your skin-type.
  4. If your skin is still purging after two weeks, I would discontinue use, your skin is trying to tell you something, learn from my mistake.
  5. DO NOT use a face scrub or face mask when cleansing with this soap, your skin is not made for that level of torture.
  6. Don’t worry Black soap doesn’t expire.


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