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I received this month’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box last Saturday, which is a little late for a subscription box to arrive. However, when I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised because my box was over flowing the worms, the last box lacked and it also had an info sheet on the products with some prices listed.

Did they deliver or what??

Did they deliver or what??

The first item I noticed was the Collagen Booster & Restorative Serum by Palmetto Derma. It claims to give glowing skin thanks to the Vitamin C it contains. It’s a clear, runny, odorless liquid, not really something I’m interested in so I’m trashing it but we’re off to a good start.



The next thing I noticed was another white jar, that contained a Microdermabrasion Scrub by Derma E. This scrub is made with dead sea salt and volcanic sand which sounds both cool and a little terrifying. What exactly is volcanic sand anyways? The scrub is a white, fluffy looking substance and smells like this lemon medicine I had to take for a not so pleasant procedure recently so I’m not too keen about trying this one out. Plus the jar is not even filled to capacity, what a rip. According to the information card, this product is a “$16 value.”

20140923_090223[1] 20140923_090126[1]

I found an all Natural Black Mascara by Suncoat and I’m super excited to try it out. Not because I’ve heard of the brand before but because it’s a Natural Mascara and preservative free, the only thing that worries me about this product is that it’s sugar based. I have some theories on why it makes sense but it’s still weird to put sugar on my lashes, idk YOLO? (Is that still a thing?) It’s also the heaviest mascara I’ve ever owned. (“14.99 value”)

20140923_090354[1] 20140923_090535[1]

The most interesting item in this month’s box is Liquid Deodorant by Only Goodness Inside. It’s made from Dead Sea Minerals, is Aluminium free, alcohol free, baking soda free, beeswax free and toxin free. It contains minerals and vitamins to help support your health and it has four deodorant strengths that match your skin and the climate. It also promises to last 24-48 hours. Now that’s a scary, bad ass deodorant. Oh and it’s stain free.


The last product and the most exciting is of course, an eyeshadow. An eyeshadow back to back in a beauty box? That’s pretty damn amazing! I received gold loose pigments from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, it’s talc-free and according to info card, it’s a high shine bronze with silver reflective sparkles. The packaging is not the most practical, as it’s bulky and doesn’t contain a sifter so it’s super messy, sparkles are fun and all until they get on everything. However, it blends well and is pigmented.




And there you have it, this month’s Vegan Cuts Unboxing. I was very surprised at how much I liked this month’s box since the August box was such a disaster, I’m not sure I like this box yet so we shall see. Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, you live to see another month. Keep the worms and eyeshadows coming.



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