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Hello Beautiful People,

I’m here today with my new natural beauty subscription box! I wanted to try something different from “Beauty Box 5” so I signed up for a couple new boxes to see which one I liked and this one came first. So what exactly is Vegan Cuts (Beauty Box)? It’s basically a monthly subscription beauty box (they also have a snack box) for $19.95 each month, in the box members receive cruelty-free beauty and skincare products.

When I read about this box, I thought it should be fun to experiment with since I wanted to get familiarized with more natural lines. I received my August box on Friday, it may have come earlier this week or the week before since I ordered this box a little late in August but I checked my mail on Friday. The size of the box is the same as “Beauty Box 5”, I didn’t receive worms with my products which as you may recall is very disappointing especially since in the photo there’s clearly worms in the box. For all that money, I deserve some damn worms. But I digress. Apart from the lack of worms, I was annoyed and frankly disappointed as I thought I signed up for the wrong box. First off, one of the products spilled in my box which later transferred to my bed and later the carpet and bathroom floor (don’t ask). And the products I received didn’t quite fit what I expected from a beauty box.

I liked that the front box says “Hey Gorgeous!” why thank-you for that little boost of morale after a yucky, long day. I however, wasn’t too pleased with the description of the products as it didn’t let me know what the price of the full size product was, leaving me no choice but to visit their website. Which btw, since I signed up for this box, I’ve received nothing but promotional emails and annoying visit our website to shop for products emails everyday. Not cool, Vegan Cuts, not cool.

outside of box & description of products

outside of box & description of products

The first sample I received was a bonus product, I guess since it’s not listed on the description card. Jasmine Seven, Yoga Mat wipes- I pretty much cringed when I saw these as I don’t do Yoga and I don’t really exercise. I ended up giving these to my mother who goes to the gym regularly.


The second thing I saw was the Muscle Soak salts from Enfusia, which was the product that spilled all over my box. It has a medicine smell to it, according to the description card it came with, it release aches and pains caused by sore muscles and it is made with eucalyptus, mint, rosemary and tea tree oils, along with Epsom Salts.


Third thing that caught my eye was an energy mist by Balance Guru.  Which are aromatherapy energy mists that are supposed to balance your chakras. The one I received is in “Truthful”, the box states “helps you speak your truth, stimulates creativity and self-expression, helps nourish your listening skills”. Yeaahhhhhhh sounds like witchcraft to me. Personally I don’t need anything to help me speak the truth, if anything I need something that will help me be quiet.


At this point, I’m thinking I’m probably not the type of woman who’s made for this type of beauty box and that I’m not really sure I understood the type of beauty this box was for.

The next product I saw, actually made me laugh cause I couldn’t believe the sample size. Zabana Essentials, detoxifying green clay facial cleansing bar.


Next up: Pacifica, Alright Multi-Mineral BB Cream, the packaging is super cute, and it feels light weight, AND it ACTUALLY adjusted to my dark skin tone (on my hands)!! Now that’s witchcraft for sure since products that claim to adjust to your skin tone doesn’t do that for black people’s skin, it usually ends up too chalky or orange looking. Can’t wait to wear this!


Last up: Now if anything could top a magic BB cream it’s eyeshadow in my book! I received a Mineral Hybrid Cream Eyeshadow from Emani Vegan Cosmetics. It’s an actual full size product so that’s a plus and oh my gosh, the color is this beautiful earthy, copperish, brownish color. I am in love and can’t wait to use it!


Right now I’m feeling quite disappointed in this box, like I said I don’t think I’m the ideal customer for this box, for $19.95 I expected more and they just didn’t bring it for me. I will see what the next month’s box looks like before deciding if I should nix my subscription. The BB Cream and Mineral Cream eyeshadow are the only two things keeping me from doing so now.



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