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How to Choose your next Face Scrub.

In a previous post,  I talked about the effect microbead scrubs have on the environment; I figured now would be a good time to share tips on how to find  a new face scrub if you do use mircobeads or just tips if you’re looking for a face scrub.

The main purpose of a face scrub is to exfoliate, which is simply the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface to reveal fresher, brighter looking skin. When it comes to choosing a face scrub, the following should be kept in mind: skin type and what kind of exfoliation you think you need/looking for. But most importantly your skin type as that will the most crucial factor in your decision process. You don’t want to choose something that is too harsh for your skin as it will tear and rip the skin, irritate it, or cause break outs.

Guidelines to Choosing the Right Exfoliator 

1.  Exfoliants can be divided into four categories: Manual, Mechanical, Product and Peels:

  • Manual: These are the type of exfoliants that require the most use of energy from the user. They are:  a wash cloth, exfoliating gloves, muslin cloth, cleansing pad, complexion brush, sponge to name a few.
  • Mechanical: These are exfoliants that require the use of batteries or electricity, those being the Clarisonic and anything that is a variation of it.
  • Product: These are exfoliants you’re going to find in a tube or jar or kitchen.
  • Peels: The fanciest of the brunch- chemicals that you will find at a Spa or QVC, maybe Sephora.

2.  Skin Type:

  • Oily Skin: you may not have much a need for an exfoliant unless you’re constantly drying your skin out with various products to keep oil production and shine under control. In which case should choose a face scrub that is mild and gentle, preferably gel based.
  • Dry Skin: the battle of dry patches is constant with this skin type and in which case the scrub should be cream based so it can provide some moisture to the skin while the scrub removes dead skin cells.
  • Sensitive Skin: you’re going to want to choose the mildest scrub you can find as anything too harsh might irritate the skin. Try using something with oatmeal as it great for irritated skin; or try making your own scrub to control the ingredients.
  • Combination-Normal Skin: you’re either in between or don’t have much to worry about when it comes to your skin. In which case you should choose a scrub that address the most your skin concerns.

The following are the types of face scrubs found in the beauty aisle (sans microbeads):

  • The mildest granules- Sodium tetraborate decahydrate; the granules soften and dissolve when they get wet,
  • The harsh granules: Cross-linked polymethacrylate, Calcium carbonate (particles are different sizes and gritty);
  • The harshest: Ground seeds, such as apricot, almond and walnut seeds, and Aluminum oxide- granules have rough edges.

In regards to “the harshest” category, I won’t advise using this type regardless of what skin type you have as it these can scratch, break and irritate the skin.

Another note that should be made with face scrubs, they should be used at the most three times a week, maybe four;  this includes electronic and manual scrubs. They are not designed to be used on a daily basis and should not be used that way, your skin wasn’t designed to handle that.

So go forth and have fun experimenting. pix2207



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