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Beauty Secrets Series

Beauty Secrets of the Motherland- Guyana, Part Three

This is the third and final installment to Beauty Secrets of the Motherland, in this post I will cover the minority of women in Guyana who experience skin issues and what they use to combat them. The remedies I am about to describe might surprise some as it is not what one would expect. In the group of women that I surveyed while in Guyana, the ones who experienced skin issues shared their secrets with me. I was hoping I would come across an ancient, well known secret or at least natural skincare remedies but I did not find such secrets within this particular group.

Daily Musts:

1) Living in Guyana, the weather is quite tropical and so protection from the sun is a must, whether the reason is to protect the skin from darkening, avoiding dark spots and sun spots on face, or just plain protection, the amount of women who use sunscreen are increasing. I was a little surprised by this because about 12 years ago when I last lived in Guyana, the only protection we used from the sun was an umbrella and long sleeves but ozone layer has changed and so should our ways.

2) Another must in Guyana is a light moisturizer for the skin, the oil of choice: Coconut Oil. It’s light-weight and very moisturizing, helps soothe mosquito bites and eczema, combats dry skin, and has yummy ingredients for healthy and radiant skin and even wrinkles. It is also used as makeup remover.

Mature Skin Musts:

1) For the older women whose main issues are dark spots caused either from past youth or the sun, the go to product is Ultra Glow Fade Cream. This product contains Aloe Vera to moisturize and  2% Hydroquinone, and 1.5% Padimate O, the active ingredients against skin discoloration.

2) Another solution to dark spots is using a toner rich in witch hazel to help with the skin discoloration. The product of choice, Olay Witch Hazel toner. We all know how I feel about toner and using witch hazel solo, so let’s just leave that one there.

Dry Skin skin that needs a little pick me up:

Within my group, women with dry skin use a daily scrub, the product of choice: St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I don’t think I’ve ever vocalized it here but I really hate this particularly product and don’t think anyone who should scrub on their face. The jagged edges of the apricot pits in this scrub only destroys the skin, in addition to removing dead skin cells.

Oily Skin: 

Those suffering from oily skin within my group both chose to use natural skincare and American products. For those opting to use natural skin care, the ingredient of choice is Tumeric. In either a soap or mask form. Tumeric is the plant they use to flavor and color curry, it’s not only spicy but has many health benefits. In regards to the skin, it is an antibacterial and antiseptic, which makes it great to use to against acne. It can be used as brightening mask to brighten the skin and get rid of discoloration, and  as a mask for oily skin to regulate the production of sebum.

Many women and teenage girls in America rave about the Clean and Clear Dark Spot Remover and those praises have traveled all the way to Guyana, where women are now willing to pay the outrageous prices, vendors ask, to experience this “miracle in a tube”.

And there you have it, the Beauty Secrets of the Guyanese Women in Guyana. Whether it’s by natural means or chemicals, they’re all still the most beautiful and luckiest women on this planet.




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