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What I use to Combat Dark Spots

Never have I thought that this process would be so emotional and frustrating as it has been at times. My obsession with achieving the “perfect” skin I once had, has indeed gotten very terrifying at times. However, one thing that has given me the best results and hope for the future of my skin is the product I use for my dark spots.

The days of priding myself on not popping blemishes and pimples are so long past me. I have perfected the art of “safe popping”, that is popping the pimple by holding it between two q-tips so the germs and all the pimple loveliness get caught on the cotton and not spread on your face. So while I have contained the contamination, like most women, especially women with more melanin, it still creates a mark. I also inadvertently burst pimples when washing with my brush, or using a scrub, so a dark spot eliminator is definitely needed in my skincare routine.

I don’t know how the science and the mechanics of a dark spot eliminator/corrector works but I didn’t I want something that had a ton of chemicals in it since I will be applying it to broken skin everyday. I opted to go for something more natural since it contained less ingredients which guarantees less irritation to the skin and more importantly no harsh chemicals on my “open wounds from the mission’s battlefield”. 

I received the following, first as a sample from Lush when I first begun my Mission, late August 2013. And that product, is Grease Lightning. Unlike the other products I use in my face skincare routine, this is the ONLY product, I haven’t changed in the seven months since my journey has began. It is classified as a cleanser but I use it as a spot treatment and my skin appreciates it. 20140112_001409

It’s priced at $13.95 for 1.5 oz, which may sound expensive but considering it only takes a little amount of this product and it took me seven months to get through this bottle while using it once a day, and in times twice a day; that’s a pretty good deal. It is marketed towards people with acne-prone skin and I can see why as it contains both witch hazel and tea tree. If you’re looking for a spot treatment that has fast results, this is not the product for you. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this is not the product for you. 

I’ve found the best ways to use this product is to directly apply it to area affected on your freshly washed, dry skin using clean fingers and letting it dry before applying moisturizer to the face. I’ve also found that applying this “serum” to a cotton round and using it to clean the area is also very effective, more so than use of fingers. This product cleans the area of bacteria, heals the area affected, soothes inflamed skin, and slowly erases dark spots. This product can be very drying, so it is important to use a small amount and to apply a moisturizer after it dries. This product has definitely helped eliminate dark spots, reduce the appearance of new marks and healed and treated my inflamed skin over the last seven months. I’ve come to love this product and would consider it my skincare must-have, my holy grail. I would recommend this product to those with acne-prone, oily, and combination skin types.



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