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My Dysfunctional Relationship with Biore

Biore, holds a special place in my heart, it was my first facial mask, my first scrub, and my first acne intended face wash. I’ve raved about all the wonders of Biore and have passed it on to family members who now love Biore and the wonderful things it can do for the skin.

Biore and I, we had an amazing relationship from 2005-2006, yes, I started using another mask and then tried to go back to Biore in 2008 but by then they had changed the wonderful heating mask formula I loved so much as well as the scrub. I tried to stick it out for a while but finally after four months, I said goodbye to the new heating mask and a year later to the scrub. After which in 2011, I picked up the acne wash because, I still believe in this brand and our special relationship, however, obviously it didn’t work out. Fast forward to 2014, they have changed their formula YET again, and like any other dysfunctional relationship, I had to go back and see if this time it would work for me.

Packaging: 20140419_210827First, I must say that I was excited that they decided to put the heating mask back in a foil pack as I felt like the heating mask in the plastic tube wasn’t as strong and it being exposed had something to do with that. Second, I wish they were packaged like the old formula, I find that the longer pack makes the use of this mask hard in the sense that it’s a time sucker. Third, it’s also a lot harder to open than the old packaging.

Cost: $7.99 (at CVS) for 4 packs, 1 “free” included in the box. I recall more being in the original pack that I know but I guess due to inflation, this is what we get. I feel like that’s a little expensive considering you only get two and half week’s worth of product. I’m sure it’s cheaper at Wal-mart so that’s something to consider when buying this mask.

What it Claims: Charcoal will clear pores of dirt and oil build-up while leaving smooth, tingly skin behind.

Experience: The mask is a smooth, slightly sticky texture that glides on the wet skin, on contact it activates so the user felts a heating sensation as the mask is rubbed on, and then a cooling, tingling sensation once the mask cools (usually lasts for a few seconds). I would say the mask smells a little minty with a hint of something I can’t identify but it is a familiar smell.

20140402_173700After the mask is applied to the entire face, wash off since it’s a minute heating mask. Once taken off, the face does feel much smoother and is still tingly but a good tingle not oh my gosh, I just dried the crap out of my skin tingle. The skin does feel cleaner and you know it’s clean because this mask pulls all of the dirt and oil to the surface and leaves them in the form of lovely blemishes. I’ve used this mask up, so five times and every-time it’s done this. I would say that is a very annoying con, as it doesn’t pull AND dry the blemishes up as a clay mask would.

I really wish they would bring the old, green formula back in this packaging. Yes, this charcoal mask is great, it doesn’t dry the skin out, I think it would be prefect for every skin type, because it’s just for one minute and it does an excellent job at cleaning the pores. I feel like the green, heating mask, clears pores just as well and it also dries the nasty blemishes up because it had an extra ingredient. I don’t know, maybe I’m making that up or maybe my skin situation is way worse than it was back in 2005.

But overall, this is a great mask, I hope Biore, keeps this it in it’s line AND brings back the green formula. It’s prefect for all skin types, just be mindful that it’s going to bring to the surface the stuff that was under your skin. I think that everyone who has tried this mask knows how great it is because I went to buy more on Friday, and it was sold out in two different CVS stores so I’m maskless now.



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