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Beauty Box 5 “Unboxing” Five

Happy Glorious Spring Morning Lovely People!!! It’s time for another Beauty Box 5 Unboxing! This month, my box came early again (not complaining) AND the little worms weren’t pathetic looking, it was actually filled with them, I was so excited that the pictures of the products were taken in the box this month because you know, you gotta love the worms when you get them.

This month’s theme is “Shades of Beauty” and thus this box has mostly makeup items and I couldn’t be more excited! So let’s get started!

The first thing I saw when I opened this box, actually made me squeal because a few days earlier I was actually on this company’s website looking at their products and trying to decide if I was brave, yes BRAVE enough to order one of their palettes.

Bh Cosmetics California Collection Sample Palette

Bh Cosmetics California Collection Sample Palette

Sample shadows from Hollywood, San Francisco, and Malibu palettes

Sample shadows from Hollywood, San Francisco, and Malibu palette.



L-R: Hollywood, San Francisco, Malibu

L-R: Hollywood, San Francisco, Malibu

First off how stinking cute is this tiny little palette? Any smaller and it would be made for Barbie! These shadows are soft, which give them a bit of fall out.The purple is a matte shade which is very pigmented especially for how cheap these shadows are, the brown shimmer is basically shimmer and the gold is super pigmented with chunky glitter. I am excited to to wear them, they will definitely need a primer and a white base to make the colors pop. Each Collection retails for $18.95 but right now they’re on sale for $8.95 each.

Next up, was something I really thought was strange until I looked at it again the next day and realized that had it wrong. For some reason, I thought they had given us disinfectant wipes, strange but I mean it’s spring and everyone’s sneezing so it kind of made sense, haha.


Anyways, they are all purpose cleansing wipes from Blum Naturals. They’re infused with aloe vera, hypoallergenic, paraben free, and synthetic fragrance free, and they’re natural/organic. Each mini pack contains 30 wipes and mine has a citrus scent according to the bottle. Not sure why wipes need to have a scent but anyways the pack retails for $2.49.

Spotted two lip products next, the first up was the lipstick by Nicka K New York, I have never heard of this brand but I’m glad I received this lipstick.















According to the description card, it’s a hydro lipstick, it literally glides on, after having it on my hand and lips for about a minute, it did leave a stain so I guess it’s “long lasting lipstick”. It’s very pigmented, doesn’t feather, is paraben free, and smells like twizzlers and makes me wanna eat my lip (is that weird? haha). This lipstick retails for $4.99.

The second lip product is described as a lip definer by Bonne Bell, this pencil feels lighter and is smaller in length than my other lip liners from MAC but the color itself is pigmented, and it glides on. Retails for $3.95.










And the last item, sigh, why must Beauty Box 5 insist on putting stuff people can readily find in walmart or target? And second, I’m Black, I have no use for a self tanner.



Overall, I would say I’m very pleased about this box, these are the first makeup items I’ve received from this box in the past five months that I’m not going to dump in the trash because of the poor quality. So yay to that, and yay to natural wipes from this box that doesn’t scare me. Thank-you, Beauty Box 5 for this awesome box and for not cheating me on my worms. I have one more box to go before I decide if I should renew my subscription or say goodbye and so far the hit and misses have been even so we’ll see.





4 thoughts on “Beauty Box 5 “Unboxing” Five

  1. “smells like twizzlers” – welp, I’m sold, where do I buy?

    (seriously, I think I’m gonna buy some today after reading that)

    Posted by Athena | April 14, 2014, 8:58 am
  2. did you feel out a questionaire when you signed up. I am going to out out a review on my beautybox5 and i dont like it. I am giving away 3 products

    Posted by 1reddiva83 | April 16, 2014, 3:44 pm
    • Hello 1reddiva83,

      This subscription box was gifted to me so no, I didn’t but my friend did tell me that she had to fill out a questionnaire about me and wrote me a message, which I never received and honestly I really don’t think they pay attention to the questionnaire and just give everyone that same thing hence the tanning lotion.

      Posted by missionbeautifulskin | April 17, 2014, 8:19 am

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