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Face Mask Marathon – Freeman Beauty Edition

It looks like Freeman Beauty has decided to expand the “Feeling Beautiful” line into the realm of paper masks, eye masks, sleeping masks and even a peel. Not surprising as these seem to be the latest skincare trend/fad. I know the paper masks were new around late summer/early fall and the peel, eye mask, sleeping masks are about a month old. 

New Additions:

  • Paper masks: Blue Agave Hydrating Facial Paper Mask, Rose Brightening Facial Paper Mask, Star Fruit Purifying Facial Paper Mask*, Coffee & Chai Energizing Paper Eye Mask 
  • Peels: Pumpkin Peeling Mask*
  • Clay: Cinnamon & Moroccan Lava Clay Mask
  • Sleeping masks: Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask

Cinnamon & Moroccan Lava Clay Mask:


I tried this mask first because well, how could I not, with such an awesome name as Moroccan Lava Clay, plus it had cinnamon. 1) this travel/trial size packs contains a little less than the others usually do; 2) the color of the mask is white. I don’t know what lava clay is and if that’s even a thing but I wasn’t expecting that color. 3) I was disappointed in the scent, which smells more like talcum powder than cinnamon. HOWEVER, this mask is amazing, I was shocked to see the amount of oil that was in my pores when I washed the clay off. I had to take the remainder of the oil off with face wash and tea tree oil. I would definitely recommend this mask for people who have combination skin, oily skin and acne prone skin.

Blue Agave Hydrating Facial Paper Mask: 


Next up was a paper mask, which to be honest, I’ve always been a little scared of paper masks, they just look so intense. I have no idea what Blue Agave is but it smells like something from my childhood, I couldn’t figure out if it was a crayon or a kool-aid smell. Putting on the the mask was a production in it’s own, a very confusing one, once I had it on correctly, I really didn’t mind the feeling. However, I think they make the eye cut out a little too small but other than that it stayed on well. Once the ten minutes were up, I squeezed the serum out of the mask, waited for it to dry and added my face oil to my skin and went to bed. The next morning my skin looked well moisturized and glowing, this mask kept my face hydrated for about five days of frigid temperatures and a lot of stress; which is very impressive for a hydrating mask. The thing I love most about this mask is that the formula was thick enough for great results but not too thick to break my skin out. I don’t have dry skin but my cheeks get dry during the winter and my skin gets dehydrated when I’m super stressed, which is more often than I would like. I would definitely recommend this mask for combination skin and dry skin.

Rose Brightening Facial Paper Mask: 


This is mask is pink which is kinda nice. Again it was a big production to put on but it was easier this time since I learned from the previous paper mask. I know this mask does have a fragrance, I’m almost positive that the fragrance is rose but I couldn’t smell it. This mask did irritate my eye area and actually left it a little red; it could be that the eye hole was too small or because of the product, I don’t know. It gave my face a tingly sensation the entire time it was on and for about ten minutes after I took it off. I guess this mask did work because it’s supposed to brighten dull looking skin and my skin did have a nice glow after I took the mask off. That being said, this mask did irritate the rest of my face as the next day I had broken out all over my right side with cystic bumps and pimples. Ouch! While this mask did do exactly what it claims, I won’t recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin. 

Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask:


Nothing scares me more than sleeping with a treatment on my face, especially if the labels says it’s great for dehydrated skin. Mostly because I don’t want a thick formula clogging my pores and leading to stubborn/painful breakouts. Needless to say I took the plunge and tired this mask, about four days after the Rose Paper Mask. My face was still very much broken out and painful so the thought process was “it can’t get any worse and that it says it’ll smoothen rough skin.” This mask is thick and creamy and smells like Honeydew, very delicious. And again, like the lava clay mask, the package held less than the regular travel sizes do. I followed the instructions and applied a generous amount to my face; at first contact it tingled a little and didn’t absorb as quickly as I would have liked it to but it is a mask and not a cream so I suppose that is a good thing. The next day, my face was smoother, well moisturized, and glowing, and had fewer breakouts. HOWEVER, If you have combination skin and use an oil daily to moisturize your skin, the combination with this mask might be a bit much for your skin to handle. I loved the results from this mask but I think also adding the oil to my face especially when the weather had gotten a little warmer was too much for my skin; I’ll have to use this mask in the winter time. I would definitely recommend this mask to someone with dry skin, dehydrated skin and combination skin. 

Coffee & Chai Energizing Paper Eye Mask:


After the whole rose paper mask fiasco, this mask definitely looked like the most serious game of double dog dare I’ve ever played. But I did try it, it was very easy to put it, the eye holes are almost perfect for the eyes, while better than the other paper masks, I think the holes need to be a couple centimeters bigger since the lashes hit the paper when looking down. I feel a better design would be to take the nose out of the equation since the mask doesn’t lay flat around it. The scent is “perfumey”, I don’t really like scents like that on my face especially around my eye area, so I was a little turned off. Once applied, after about a minute or two, the mask started to feel very cooling, which I greatly appreciated. It didn’t irritate my fickle skin, even after seven minutes. Once I removed the mask, I did forgot to squeeze the extra serum into my skin but under my eyes did look brighter, more refreshed and the little dark marks I had were less visible. Since I don’t have an eye cream to put on after the mask, I don’t really know how well it is at holding it the moisture from the cream but my eye area looks very refreshed and feels moisturized. I am pleased with the results of this mask.  I would definitely recommend this mask to exactly what the package says, to all skin types. 

I had a lot of fun experimenting with these new masks from Freeman Beauty, out of the five I’ve tried I think I will come back to the Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask in the winter time and the Coffee & Chai Energizing Eye Mask whenever I feel my eye area needs some TLC. But for regular maintenance I’m going to stick to the Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress mask from this line, it’s just perfect for my combination skin and life-style.

I hope you found this post helpful; until next post, good luck beautiful!

*these masks are targeted towards oily skin types or is a peel, neither of which is suitable for my combination skin.




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