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How to Maintain a Clear Complexion

Battling your skin and achieving clear skin is one thing, maintaining said clear skin

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek always looks great with her radiant skin

is quite another thing. Here are some tips I’ve come to rely on to maintain the process my skin has made so far in the war against acne and blemishes.

  1. Wash your face regularly. (duh!)
  2. Remove makeup before bed- a) makeup contains chemicals, which can clog your clog thus leading to breakouts; b) it can age your face faster when left on overnight; c) your skin regenerates while we sleep, it can’t do that with makeup on; d) eye makeup can get into your eyes can cause irritation and infections.
  3. Wash your makeup brushes once a week if you wear makeup regularly; in between washes, disinfect them with anti-bacterial brush spray or sometimes I use a makeup wipe to clean the bristles.
  4. Face mask once a week or twice a month- I find that this really helps to take all the dirt and oil out of your skin and helps to maintain a clear complexion.
  5. Wash your sheets and pillow cases or change them every week or two weeks at the most. Remember we humans shed skin cells, secrete oils, sweat, drool and if you snack in bed, there may be crumbs left behind. And all of that go right back into our skin leading to breakouts and not to mention bugs and bacteria love areas like that. icky.
  6. Wash your towels and wash cloths once a week, no exceptions.
  7. Keep a separate towel and/or wash cloth for your face. I find that using a separate towel for my body and face really help in controlling breakouts as I’m not “contaminating” my face area with body “stuff”.
  8. It’s winter time and a COLD one so a major accessory is THE SCARF, it touches your neck and cheeks and maybe you cover your mouth and nose and cheeks when it’s really windy outside. But how often do you wash it? Scarves should be washed regularly, again they’re bracing against your skin and collecting dead skin cells, oils, and dirt.
  9. Water- You’ve heard it time and time again, we’re 98% water and are recommended to consume 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day. Which sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. A bottle of water is about 16 ounces. Easy Peasy. Do this and your skin will be healthy and glowing.
  10. Food- Eat healthy, you need to, do it. Or at least try.

I’m sure there’s more like exercise, yoga, face massages etc but I don’t do that stuff so it’s not very fair of me to mention them.



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