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Beauty Secrets Series

Beauty Secrets of the Motherland- Guyana, An Introduction

Hello Beautiful People, I wanted to discuss this topic but I realized that this post is going to be SUPER DUPER long so I decided to split it up in three parts. 

I may sound a little bias saying this but Guyanese women have the most beautiful and most clear skin I’ve ever seen (of course other Caribbean and African women… well any woman who lives in the tropics has gorgeous skin).

Growing up in Guyana, I’ve never had to deal with skin issues even when I hit puberty. Most women in Guyana don’t have to deal with acne/skin issues unless they had oily skin. When my skin started to go crazy, I thought I would do some research when I visited home to find out what was the secret to the beautiful glowing complexion they all had, even the men.

To my surprise the majority of responses I got from family and friends was that there was no secret to their skin care routines because they don’t ACTUALLY do anything; they literally wash their faces with water. I almost fell to the floor in disbelief. How is that they had perfect looking skin and did absolutely nothing to maintain it? Those that did have skin issues developed simple routines to maintain their clear skin unlike American women as portrayed by YouTube Beauty Gurus (I’m sorry I don’t have any other examples of women showing their beauty routines other than YouTube).

I think what surprised me even more is that those that did have skin issues were not opting to use natural remedies where the ingredients are readily available but for store brought American products. Avon is a HUGE brand in Guyana, I have no idea how they even made it out there but everyone loves Avon, talks about Avon, and it’s readily available and probably the cheapest skin care and makeup brand you get in Guyana. Another brand that’s popular there is Olay, again, no idea how they got there but people love Olay. Which I guess is not surprising because I feel like Olay’s most loyal customers are older women of color.

In the next two posts, I will discuss the skincare routine of those using products to combat skin issues and those they do not use anything.

Leaving Demerara county and entering Essequibo.

Leaving Demerara county and entering Essequibo.



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