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It’s winter time and with it comes one of my biggest pet peeves, chapped lips! ick. This winter has definitely been a bone chilling cold one with two weeks of polar vortex weather, gusty winds from hell, snow and ice storms galore and now there is an arctic front that is supposed to hit us this upcoming week. I don’t know about you guys but I’m SO over winter, it’s not even funny. If this keeps up, I’m going to start thinking there’s an Apocalypse coming! (okay, mini winter rant over, and enough with the exclamation marks.)

No doubt, your lips have been a little more chapped this winter than previous years and you’ve about had enough. I, myself am a blistex and petroleum jelly kind of girl, with a little gloss over, from time to time. But since I’m a little obsessive with keeping my lips hydrated; this winter I started exploring options beyond the blistex spectrum and have found three amazingly, great new products that have had my lips so hydrated and normal looking this winter, the phrase, chapped lips is not in my vocabulary. And I commute to work, so I would know if the products are really helping combat the elements.

Lush- Mint Julips

Lush- Mint Julips


This scrub retails for about $9.95 and comes in three flavors: Mint Julips, Bubblegum, and popcorn. This product is also vegan. I usually use this scrub, once a week or once every two weeks depending on the weather or whenever I feel like my lips need it. To use, I usually apply it with my fingers to lips then push my lips together to get better friction for about a minute. You can lick the sugar off as it is edible and the mint julips is also a breath freshener. I used to do this until someone pointed out that I was swallowing my dead skin cells, so now I just wipe it off with a tissue. Once the process is completed, your lips are left super soft and makes whatever you’re applying next go on super smooth and flawless. Which makes this product great to use before applying lipstick.


Fresh- Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose

Fresh- Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose

This lip treatment can be found at Sephora and retails for $22.50. This product is definitely a splurge and and I won’t have normally bought it. But I believe this was 2011’s VIB birthday present from Sephora. Once I tried it, I was hooked and used it sparingly. What I love about this treatment is that, it has no parabens, no synthetic dyes, no petrochemicals, no GMOs, no triclosan, has SPF;  it’s just a wholesome product. It is EXTREMELY hydrating and it’s basically a tinted moisturizer for your lips; it comes in 8 different shades. It smells really yummy and kind of adds a little plump to your lips. However, a warning, do not carry this treatment in any pocket in your clothing or leave it in a warm room or hot environment, it will melt. I can’t consciously pay $22.50 for a lip product so once my samples were out, I bought a replacement in a gift set from Sephora so I got more value for my buck. Sephora was also selling, all the shades, full size in a gift set for the holidays. This one will last me until the next Christmas season when I can nab that set, assuming they bring them back.


EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm

Okay no doubt, you’ve seen these egg shaped lip balms around and wondered what they were. First thing, can we talk about the packaging? It’s big but fits perfectly in my tiny hands, you twist the top off to reveal the balm, and it’s a sturdy design that it won’t roll away if you drop it and it stays upright where ever you place it.

This balm is organic, paraben and petroleum free. It NOW retails for about $3.00. When I first saw this product in CVS back in September, it was being sold for $6 or more, I really want to say $10. I was very much appalled then I saw Costco was selling a pack of five or six for twenty something and I bought it. The one I’m currently using is the Strawberry Sorbet and it smells yummy and it SUPER DUPER moisturizing. Because of the size and because I still love my blistex, I keep this balm on my nightstand and use it before bed. And in the morning, I wake up with soft, kissable lips.

These three products have been absolute life savers for my lips during this year’s harsh winter weather. Out of the three products, I would have to say, my favorites are the lip treatment and balm.

Until next time, stay warm and chap lip free, Beautiful.



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