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Product Review

Product Review- Freeman “Feeling Beautiful” masks part two

As previously mentioned, I am a huge fan of this line. Not only is it affordable and accessible but the products are high quality and mostly natural. You really can’t beat that.

During the winter time my skin tends to be more on the dry side, especially since I commute to work so I’m out in the freezing, windy air for a quite a while each day. I drink less water in the winter-time and I am a highly stressed out person so that doesn’t help my skin much. I can’t use a clay mask during the winter time as often as I do in the summer-time as that would further dry my skin out, so I figured I should try a hydration mask.

Goji Berry Hydration mask

Goji Berry Hydration mask

The first hydration mask I tried was the Goji Berry. I wasn’t too crazy about the smell,  it  looked and felt like a cream. Putting it on, it felt not sticky but not smooth either. As soon as I put this mask on, I’m not sure if it was because I had washed my face with my complexion brush or the fragrance but it burned, like burned. It stung my eyes, I could barely open them because the fumes were too strong. Did I mention it burned? I didn’t last the 5-10 minutes recommendation, I painfully waited three minutes then washed it off.

It did hydrate my face, my face looked plump and renewed however, by the end of the next day, my skin was back to the dehydrated look. Since I had a sample size of this mask, I figured I would try it again and see if my theory about it going deep into my pores was correct. The second time I washed my face with my hands, it did not burn. There was a little tingle and the fumes were still too strong my eyes. The last two times I used the sample were in the morning and my face looked plump and moisturized through out the day’ everyone kept making comments about how different my skin looked, it was awesome.

Using this mask made me realize that my face wasn’t getting the moisture it needed as I broke out less with this mask. Note a sample size lasted me four uses. I obviously can’t buy a tube of this mask or use it again. If you have sensitive skin, this mask is not for you.

Golden Grain Facial Brightening mask

Golden Grain Facial Brightening mask

Naturally I had to try the second hydration mask to see if it suited my skin better. This mask didn’t really have a scent, it felt like a gel and it is a beautiful shimmery gold color. I felt like I was about to put glitter on my face. It went on smooth, and looked like heavy water drops on my face.

There was a slight tingle and it didn’t make my eyes water, so pluses there. I lasted a full seven minutes; when I washed the mask off, I did notice my skin looked brighter but I wasn’t sure if that was because of the shimmer plus it wasn’t the kind of bright I wanted. You know a nice glow, my face was kind of umm lighter.

My skin did feel nice and it was moisturized. The sample size looks like it’ll last three uses. I’ve only used it once and that was tonight. I’ll finish the sample but I’m leaning towards a ‘no’ on getting a tube mostly because of the whole, this might actually be a skin whitener and I don’t want to whiten my skin just get rid of acne marks and hydrate my skin.



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