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Face Cleansing Tools… to use or not to use, that IS indeed the question.

Face Cleansing tools, should we use them? There’s a lot of face cleansing tools on the market, the most known and hyped up products are of course the sonic brushes, be it the infamous Clarisonic or the imitations for the budget conscious consumer. For those who either do not want to spend money on sonic devices or deem them not necessary or are in need for a little extra something in their skincare routine, there are the antibacterial sponges, muslin cloths, rubber pore cleansing pads, and manual face complexion brushes and I’m sure more that I’m unaware of.collage.facetools

To be honest I never thought of adding a cleansing tool to my skincare routine until I started watching the skincare routine videos on youtube. 99 % of the beauty bloggers used a type of face cleansing tool, mainly the Clarisonic. Wait actually I lied, when my face FIRST started going crazy back in 2009/2010 I tried the Neutrogena Wave. I tried it out for two months and absolutely hated it, for me I didn’t think it really helped give my face the kind of deep clean I wanted. This device basically rotated on two speeds and the disposable pads had a gentle side and a more textured side. To me all it did was create a big soapy mess and more scrubbed and tugged at my skin. I really won’t recommend this product especially if you’re worried about premature aging, all that tugging can’t be good for your skin.

But for the skin issues I was having, it made sense to add a cleansing tool, who doesn’t want deeply clean pores? I started to do my research on the Clarisonic, it was the most popular and everyone seemed to love it. My mother has had one for years and loves it. Everything about it sounded great, everything except the price. I really can’t see myself spending $125-$200 on a face tool, nor does it make sense to turn around and spend $25 every three months to replace the brush head. And who really needs a brush that beeps to tell you to move on to the next section of your face?

So I started doing research on imitation sonic brushes and boy are there MANY! They all promise to do the same job as the Clarisonic, some even claim they are the affordable version of the Clarisonic. I took a special interest in the Olay Pro X and the Olay Fresh Effects VA-VA-VIVID brush, both of which are shown in the picture above. What I liked about the Pro X was that it did seem like the closest imitation of the Clarisonic (that I knew of) and I liked the Fresh Effects brush because it was triangular so it would be easier to get around the nose and eye area. While I’m sure all these sonic devices are great cleansing tools; I can’t talk about them from a personal perspective because I’ve never tried them. Personally for me, I didn’t think I needed a brush that vibrated or spinned to clean my face.


I opted to go for something more basic, I didn’t want a cloth to rub and scrub my face and for me personally I don’t think sponges are very sanitary. So for the cheap price of $7.00 I was going to try out the Sephora Face Complexion brush which is basically a manual brush. I could control how fast it moved, I could control long I used it for and it will deep clean my pores and give a gentle exfoliation at the same time. According to the website, the pink brush’s bristles are gentle while the purple brush is a little harder. So guess that’s the simple version of changing brush heads for different skin types.

What I liked about this brush besides the color was that the brush head was nice and small unlike the Clarisonic so it is easier to clean around my nose area. The bristles were surprisingly very soft and it came with a cap that still needs a little design improvement but it does stay on with a little force. I also love that the handle itself is slender and just long enough. It’s also easy to clean, I clean my brush with my cleanser and let it air dry overnight. And when I do need to replace this brush, it’s only it’s going to cost me $7.00 and you really can’t beat that price. 

When I use this brush which is usually at night-time (about 3-4 times a week), I apply my Aveeno Cleanser to my face and a little to my wet brush and gently massage my face in small, circular motions, careful not to scrub my face as that will damage my skin. I do this for about one minute, two minutes, spending a little extra time on my cheeks and chin which are my problem areas. Because the bristles are white you can usually see the dirt and makeup the brush has taken off, my skin feels refreshed and clean (but not squeaky cause that’s BAD) and my skin looks more even… just looks better than it did before I washed it. I also feel like using a brush to clean my face also makes it easier for the products I use after cleansing to sink in deeper into my pores and therefore work better. I also noticed since I started using this face brush, I don’t need to use my Ocean Salt Scrub that often. I’ve used it TWICE since I started this new routine. So I guess I’m going to be using it twice a month, if that.

I’ve been using this face brush for almost a month now, it’s not fancy or anything but it gets the job done and my skin has cleared up drastically since I started my new skincare routine and I feel that this brush is part of that reason. I think everyone should clean their face with brush. Cleansing with your hands alone doesn’t get all of the dirt and makeup out of your skin. If you have blemish issues, hormonal breakouts, stress breakouts, uneven skin tone, normal skin, oily skin;  I HIGHLY recommend the Sephora Face Complexion Brush. I will never go back to just cleansing my skin with my fingers.

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