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Product Review

Week Three…

So after realizing what a dummy I’ve been about the Noxzema, I decided to do some research on the mask of magnanimity which has stopped working…

Well duh, It stopped cause it was meant for all the problems the Noxzema had created.


Since my skin wasn’t oily anymore, using this product on the daily was quite stupid. No, what was stupid was listening to the Lush Associate who told me that I COULD use this product DAILY to cleanse my face. So halfway through my second tub of this stuff, which the second time around I had bought the big tub instead of the small one. Which is really stupid because Lush products have expiration dates and this mask is only good for THREE months, there is NO way anyone can get through the big tub in THREE months.

I should say that I DO still love this product, I think it is it great at getting rid of the excess oils and drawing all the nasty impurities in your skin out. It’s a gentle exfoliator and  smells great, if you like the smell of mint, which I love. However, now that my skin is only slightly oily in the T-Zone area now and my cheeks are dry, this product is not a good fit for me. And if you are going to use it, DO NOT use it as a daily cleanser, at the most you really should use it once a week because it’s really great at what it does. And only buy the small jar, unless you’re going to use it on your body also. Which I did use it several times on my back but It was so messy in the shower, I didn’t like using it on my body (for that particular reason).

I’m sad I can’t use this product anymore but after taking it out completely my face is less shiny in the T-zone and less dry in the cheeks. So I would say that this product was doing harm than good especially the way I was using it.



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