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The Mission


I’ve always had pretty normal skin as long as I could remember even in high school, I never got any breakouts and my skin was very low maintenance. The only thing I ever did to my skin was wash it in the morning with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and moisturize with the Cetaphil moisturizing cream year round. And I only did that because my mother said I should probably wash my face and put a cream on it. I’m from Guyana and what I do remember was just washing my face with water and putting coconut oil on my face even after I hit puberty. No fuss skin. Oh the glorious days.

When I started college, the extra stress with the new lifestyle change, hardly getting sleep and stress with classes, my skin started to experience a few breakouts. So I started using the Biore heating face mask once a week. Face went back to normal, everything was still pretty glorious.

Graduated college in 2009, entered “Real World” skin decided to go insane and to make matters worse Biore decided to bottle the heating mask so it wasn’t was effective as it used to be and the dead sea minerals soap I had substituted for it sometimes was discontinued. So naturally someone who never really had to deal with stubborn breakouts, it was time to panic. Fastforward to 2013 and I’ve about had it with my skin.



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