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Product Review- Freeman “Feeling Beautiful” Masks part one.

Since I pretty much annihilated two products from this line in an earlier post, I figured I would do a review on masks I’ve tried in this line. I, in case you haven’t guessed it, actually LOVE this line.  I love that they don’t use a lot of harsh chemicals in their products, I won’t say that they’re a natural product line but it’s “almost” natural mostly cause some of their products have things that are not part of nature. But they don’t use harsh chemicals, the packaging is bright and pretty and all their products, at least the ones I’ve tried from the “feeling beautiful” line smell absolutely AHmazing!

In this post, I’m going to be reviewing three face masks that you can find at any drugstore, supermarket, wal-mart, target. Basically they’re easily accessible, not to mention they are also very affordable, $3.99 for the tubes, $1.99 for the travel/sample size. I know there may be other reviews out there on these products but they were part of my journey and to exclude them won’t be very fair would it?

Cucumber Peel-Off Mask


This was actually my first face mask EVER and my first introduction to Freeman products. I tried this back in 2009 when my skin started going haywire. It promised to help reveal beautiful skin and I wanted that so I figured sure, plus it was a peel off mask.

I loved the smell of this mask, I’m not sure it really smells like cucumbers but it’s very refreshing, the texture is a gooey gel form. It goes on smooth and will pull your hair out if it gets caught in the gooey mess. Once it dries, the fun part comes, peeling off all of the impurities from the skin and revealing refreshed skin. Right?

I would say this mask is best for someone who has normal skin and no issues and just wants to pamper their skin a little. Your skin is left smoother so I would say it does indeed remove dead skin cells, and maybe some dirt but its not really deep cleansing which is what I need for my skin. So if you have normal, clear skin most of the time then this mask is great for you. Maybe dry skin only because it gently removes dead skin cells.

Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask

20131110_114701I had a sample size of this for years actually and when I started my experiment decided to use it and see if it would help my skin. I LOVE this mask. It says ‘all skin types’ on the bottle and it is perfect for combination skin, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and I usually leave this particular mask on for an hour. I feel always feel so fresh and moisturized after using this mask.

It smells, well I’m not sure what it smells like but it smells good. It’s green in color and sort of thick in texture, it goes on smoothly and when dries hard. I would suggest using a face sponge or a wash cloth to take it off. It really looked like it helped my skin.

When my sample was out, I went into the drugstore and found the tube and five other different “feeling beautiful” face masks. So I thought since my breakouts are stress and hormones related why not try another mask from this line that is targeted toward that.

Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask

First thing, I loved the color of the tube, reminds me of the ocean. Second, the mask is BLUE! I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a blue mask so I thought that was like the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. haha. The smell, omg it smells like ocean, the smell is very relaxing, I guess that’s where the anti-stress comes in. Unlike the clay mask it’s very thin, if you wet face before you put this mask on, it will slide off. I like that’s it’s not a clay mask because those can dry your skin out especially if you leave them on too long.

Which brings me to the first time I used this mask. Okay so since I kept the clay mask on for an hour and my face was fine, I figured I could do the same with this mask because it had no time limit on the tube. Boy was I wrong. First off, it started to itch after 30 minutes, by an hour, it was hell to get it off my face and when I finally got it off, my pores, yes they were smaller but my face was SOOOOO tight and squeaky clean which is a sign that my skin was completely stripped of all of it’s natural oils. And I swear the next day when I went outside I could feel when the air passed through  my skin, a very weird feeling and not something you should probably be feeling. Needless to say I was freaked out.

AND because this mask was so deep cleaning it actually brought all the dirt and impurities up as pimples. So for two days after I used the mask, my face looked really gross and by the third my face looked great. That’s the only reason I used this mask again. The second time I kept it on for 35 minutes and my face still felt a little dry after I washed it off. The third time I used it, I did it for 20 minutes and that seems to leave my skin normal and I noticed that it seems to be helping with my hyper pigmentation or acne scar marks, whatever you want to call it. Needless to say, I love this mask. I’ve been using it since September and really would like to think that it is helping my skin. 20131110_114645



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