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others join in; youtube obsession

So at this point, it’s been about a month and two weeks… and my coworker hands me a wall street journal article from that day on face cleansing. How crazy is that right? To read the article, “The Real Dirt on Face Washing” click the following (sorry I don’t know how to make links pretty) —http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304402104579149542082224218 . In this article it dispelled Five skincare cleaning myths: 1) you should wash your face twice a day, 2) only cleansers that work are the ones that foam, 3) when you wash your face you should also scrub it (use a washcloth), 4) your face should feel ‘squeaky clean’ and 5) rinsing your face with cold water will close your pores.

I feel like this article came at the right time. For one I was washing my face with a wash cloth every day and I had already learned that I DID NOT like the ‘squeaky clean’ feeling so that was good to know that it was bad for your skin. And it was also good to know that your pores did not actually open and close. I also liked that in this article, there were actual products that were dermatologist approved and that are good for your skin. And at this point I’m just very tired of my gentle cleanser that wasn’t doing anything for my breakouts.

In addition I’ve seem to have developed a youtube obsession with watching skincare routine videos. I’ve learned that girls/women on youtube doing these videos are all the same. They all have high maintenance skin; I don’t want my skin to be high maintenance, I just want it to be well for a lack of better phrase “clean, clear and under control”. Is that really too much to ask for?  And they all seem to like the same products; they all love the bioderma, clarisonic mia 2, purity made simple cleanser, the PMD machine, night cream and eye cream and whatever other expensive crap they can find to put on their skin.

Skincare is a hit or miss, Our skin is like our fingerprint, everyone’s skin is unique, which really further confused me on how they could all be using the same products AND why so many of them. And if those products were actually working for their skins. Or were they doing the same thing I had foolishly done, creating problems for my skin that in turn need all those products. Maybe that’s what the skincare companies want to do. But I’ll leave that alone.

At this point I was ready to start something new and really had enough of my skin. I was thrilled that I figured out that I was making my skin worse and was able to remedy the situation but I still didn’t have anything that would clear my skin up except for the anti-stress mask which I had started using twice a week. I still needed a simple routine and products. I didn’t want anything with a lot of harsh chemicals cause that really can’t be good for your skin. At this point I had also bought a lot of face products that I was just too scared to even use.

So I started to actually do some research, I started asking my friends and family members what they used on their skin and started looking at natural and almost natural skin care products. I was finally starting to learn and realize how important it was to do research on products before you bought them and applied them to your skin. Take that advertisers, I’m no longer your favorite type of consumer, I will not fall for your commercials and ads anymore.



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