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Experiment Begins…

That weekend I took a long look at my face products, at the time I was using:

  1. the Mask of Magnanimity from lush as my daily cleanser,
  2. Noxzema Triple clean pads to tackle all those lovely breakouts/blemishes on my face and to take off all the dirt and oil off my face. Cause really dirt and oil are gonna be on my face after cleansing right? (sarcasm)
  3. Ocean Sea Salt from lush to exfoliate my skin three times a week,
  4. Cetaphil body cleanser for my face cause it was a little stronger than the gentle cleanser and
  5. the Cetaphil moisturizing cream.

I decided to take out the Noxzema since I only kept using it because it was so great at tackling the pimples but it was also SUPER harsh for my skin, like my skin literally froze up whenever I put it on and it stung like crazy and I just really hated it but I believed it was working for my skin. HOWEVER, it left ugly scars behind. I swear this stuff made my skin a little sensitive than it was before.

Anyways so I decided when my second jar was out I would stop using it and return the third I had just bought to the store to keep me from tempting myself. Week one was hard, however, a funny thing happened, by the fourth day my skin wasn’t as oily or shiny as it would normally be, I didn’t have to blot my face as much and by the end of the second week, the oil production on my face had drastically improved. By the end of the third week my face had started to noticeably clear up.

It was then I realized that I had been COMPLETELY stripping my skin of it’s natural oil with the Noxzema and my poor skin was producing three times more oil to make up for the lost of natural oils hence clogging my pores and creating pimples and all that other fun stuff.  I couldn’t believe how much more problems I was creating for my skin and how badly I was hurting it. I realized then that I really need to 1) pay attention to my skin 2) how important it was to pay attention to the labels because this product is obviously not meant for “normal” skin. And my “normal” skin was having a freak attack every time I used the damn thing.

Hopefully you’re smarter than me and pay attention to the skin type the products you’re dunce-capusing on your face are meant for. If not then you may want to really take a look at your products and see if they are doing more harm than good.



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