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Eureka Moment?

September 9th, 2013; in the car with my mother on the way to work, she looks over me and looks at my face which has horrible breakouts on my cheeks, scar marks all over both cheeks, skin is super shiny and oily. And she says,

“you used to have such beautiful skin then you started putting all that crap on it and now look, you ruined it, now your face is breaking out”

At first I thought that was the most ignorant comment I’ve ever heard, it probably still is cause products may cause you to break out, yes, BUT they don’t cause you to break out the way I was which was hormonal and stress. I have a VERY demanding and STRESSFUL job so my skin is all kinds of crazy freaking out. Not to mention I’m also in a relationship, which we all know how those go.

However, her comment bothered me alot so I decided to do some research. During my research, I found an article that said that it is possible to change your skin type with using ignorantly using products. Meaning in a way she was kind of right because in my freak out to fix my skin I wasn’t paying attention to labels or ingredients- if I saw an ad for a face product and it promised me better skin, I was using it. If I walked into a store and they told me it would improve my skin, I was using it. In that process, I changed my skin from Normal to Combination Oily and at one point OILY.

So I really started thinking about the products I was using on my skin and if they were 1) meant for my skin type and  2) were they actually working or creating more problems.  And then I decided since my skin is just getting worse, why not do an experiment and see what happened.

Fastforward to today and I’m really glad she made that comment because I would have never thought to look at what I was really putting on my skin and how they were really affecting it.

Now I wish I had thought of this earlier to actually document my journey but 1) I never thought the experiment would really work 2) I haven’t written anything in a super long time and I’m disappointed I really didn’t think of doing this earlier 3) I never thought if it DID work, that this process would take so long.  So I’m making this blog to continue to track my journey but obviously it’s been two full months since it started but since I’ve tried a lot of products I figure I could still talk about the beginning of my journey and review the products that I have tried and that way my friends and family will no longer be tortured by my obsession with achieving the skin I once had. So if your skin sounds similar to mine or you’re just interested in reading the product reviews, as clueless as I am, tune in and enjoy. 🙂



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