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Product Review

A Month in…Product Review- Freeman “Feeling Beautiful” Scrubs

So at this point, I’ve eliminated two keys products that I thought were helping my skin but in the sad reality were actually the very products that were creating horrible skin issues I was so desperate to fix; because who wants to be in their mid 20s and battling acne/breakouts. *crickets*

So I’m left with the cetaphil products and the ocean sea salt. But remember I’ve always gotten breakouts because of stress and hormones. So there was still that issue and the reason I had turned to those other products was because the cetaphil cleanser on it’s own wasn’t strong enough to combat those issues. So I’m still left with that problem.

So naturally what would anyone who had just become wiser about face skin care do? research and get products that would work for your skin right? Wrong. Freak out as before and start exploring the wonderful world of face scrubs because that totally makes sense right? Scrub away all the skin problems. Oh the desperation and frustration of women in their mid 20s.

Well, I already knew that the Ocean Sea Salt was too harsh to use daily on my face. I really liked the Biore pore unclogging scrub but it kind of stopped working for me before my face experiment. I had two samples of the two Freeman “feeling beautiful” face scrubs and I figured why not, I don’t have a daily cleanser might as well try them. Cause that makes a lot of sense.

Freeman “Feeling Beautiful” Pink Grapefruit Exfoliating Scrub


When I opened the packet, I was in love, the smell was absolutely AMAZING, it smelt like starburst candy, omg so good. The texture was a fine and grainy, then I put it on my face, it was so sticky! I felt like I was putting sugar on my face. When I washed it off, my face was smoother and felt nice and soft however, my face didn’t feel clean, I had to follow it up with the cetaphil cleanser. I used it for four days and there was still a lot left. Which makes this a pretty good sample/travel size product. But after day four I was tired of the stickiness (is that a word?) and tossed it. That’s not the way I want my face to feel when I wash it but again it’s only a scrub so for an actual scrub purpose I would give it a 3.5. But honestly I won’t go out and buy this product just because I do not like sticky and unclean feeling I got from this product.

Freeman “Feeling Beautiful” Creamy Apricot Scrub


What can I say about this scrub? well I wish I loved it. The texture was pretty, it smelt nice, it felt creamy so that part was great however the actually apricot pits that were in this product, absolutely terrible. This is coming from someone who loves abrasive scrubs. It was ugh, terrible! And when I washed it off, my face felt so dirty, I tossed it in the trash immediately. I would say that like the pink grapefruit, it is a good sample/travel size. I would give it a 2.0

I learned that week, scrubs are not cleansers and that I still don’t have one that can combat breakouts.



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